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A HISCO Rebuild

What is a HISCO Rebuild?
HISCO Rebuild vs. NEW OEM Factory Comparing Apples to Apples

Apples to Apples

HISCO Rebuild

  1. Frame:
    Proven (in service) rebuild able power frame.
  2. Inspection:
    • Each frame is cleaned, baked, sandblasted then inspected for cracks and flaws using a Magna-flux Process. All found casting flaws will be corrected and burrs removed. All fits inspected for proper tolerance.
    • Laser checked for bore to bore straightness.
  3. Power frame assembly:
    • Each frame is hand cleaned in vapor blast cleaning cabinet to ensure no contamination.
    • All parts are hand fit and bores are honed to ensure exact fits SKF bearings are installed.
    • New correct gauge & bearing isolators are installed on all units.
    • Rotating assembly is inspected as a unit for run out & smoothness.
  4. Adapter & stuffing box installation:
    • Adapter is inspected for trueness and re-machined if required.
    • Fits on frame, adapter & stuffing box are all inspected for surface cleanness & trueness.
    • After install, a run out check is performed on stuffing box face to guarantee parallel offset & angularity of 1.0-1.5 & 2.0-3.0 respectfully. This extends the run ability of seals and packing.
  5. Impeller installation:
    • All casting defects  (burrs, blow holes, roughness) corrected.
    • Bores and threads are honed & chased to ensure proper fit for a zero gall installation & removal.
    • Each impeller is dynamically balanced to ISO class G1.0 for above 3595 ISO class G2.5 for all below 3595.
  6. Casing installation:
    • Casing is cleaned & inspected, all burrs, rough-casting marks and imperfections are hand ground to ensure smooth passage of product through casing.
    • Casing is matched to rotating assembly & all running clearances are exactly set.
  7. Finished product:
    • Individually spray-painted with highest quality epoxy paint. Power frame carries a 2 year warranty and pump unit has a hydraulic guarantee that guarantees your flow and head no matter if you miss sized or not.
    • If you use our mechanical seal we will guarantee it in our pump with proper controls for 2 years.

New From OEM Factory

  1. Frame:
    Production line factory frame (both machining & castings manufactured off shore)
  2. Inspection:
    CNC machining inspection usually every 25th unit
  3. Power frame assembly:
    • Production line assembly on shop floor.
    • Bearings used vary from purchase to purchase, and may include no name brand parts
  4. Adapter & stuffing box installation:
    Production line install
  5. Impeller installation:
    • Production line installation.
    • Production dynamic balance, varying standards (some real good, some not so good) usually to ISO G6.3
  6. Casing installation:
    Production casing installed by production worker
  7. Finished product:
    Production painted guaranteed against defects for 1 year

Deciding to refurbish or rebuild an existing pump, rather than buying a new one can save you money and time.  HISCO refurbishes or rebuilds all types and sizes of pumps, including obsolete and discontinued models.  We bring pumps back to factory specifications and tolerances with upgrades as required.  We will be glad to look at your existing pump and give you an estimate comparing the cost to buy a new one.  Our trained pump mechanics and sales team have been working on pumps since 1978 and will be open and up front with you regarding the condition of your existing pump.  Pictures of specific problems, and the work that is needed will be provided to you.

Pictures of HISCO Rebuilds